We optimize the value of your energy assets in real-time. Our AI-based algorithms are trained in a way that they maximize the assets’ lifetime returns.

What does it take to stay
below 1.5°C global warming?

Until 2050, we need to generate 8x more renewable power across the globe than today. The resulting volatility in power generation causes enormous challenges for electricity grids.

Our electricity consumption is not in sync with the generation from renewables…

… storage can fill the gap between generation and consumption…

… eventually bringing the system into balance around the demand.

Why Work With Entrix?

We are your partner for optimizing the lifetime value of your energy assets

Short-term forecasts and a changing energy landscape

We combine expertise in short-term energy markets forecasts with a deep understanding of the changing energy landscape. Thereby, we account for changing weather conditions or seasonalities just as much as we do for macroeconomic developments and changing market designs.

Dynamic and reliable partner

We combine the speed of a young company with the reliability needed in the energy system. Our aspiration is to be on top of the rapidly changing market realities, always offering the best possible solutions to our clients.

Tailored solutions

Both technically and commercially, our solution can be adapted to your individual needs. We view you as partners with whom we jointly define the optimization strategies for your assets.

Stand-alone storage and beyond

The optimization of stand-alone storage is just the beginning. We go further and work on co-located storage projects, and the optimization of entire distributed asset portfolios.

Cloud native with a focus on serverless, adaptable and scalable architecture

Being cloud native allows us to customise and update our forecast, optimization and trading algorithms to the specific needs of our customers and their assets, while being adaptable to changing market conditions.

3rd party integration

Seamless integration and ongoing collaboration with leading companies in the industry allow for the creation of an excellent product. This ensures that we focus our development resources in a way that creates differentiating value.

Modern software development practices

We apply fully automated end-to-end CI/CD pipelines from version control system with multiple test stages to our production systems. This ensures multi-layered documentation adhering to SWE best practices, which creates an ideal development environment.

Resilience and security

Storing data in the cloud gives us benefits such as replication, fault tolerance, encryption and state of the art physical access controls as well as constantly maintained and updated infrastructure. Using virtual private networks protects our functionality from external security threats.

Academic excellence achieved in collaboration with renowned research institutes.

Our Partners

We collaborate closely with
leaders of the energy industry.