Intelligent Energy

The sustainable energy future depends on every megawatt-hour generated being intelligently managed to match the energy demand. Our solution accelerates the energy transition and unlocks the full value of flexible energy assets such as large batteries.

We optimize the value of your flexible energy assets towards the maximum revenue potential across all energy markets through intelligent trading solutions


With each solar or wind park added and the increasing electrification of entire industries, the underlying rules of the energy system are being rewritten. It’s becoming greener, more decentralized, and more difficult to predict and manage. Alongside, the array of scenarios to capture value from energy assets expands rapidly. Their relative returns vary from day to day and picking the most attractive opportunities is the art to master in the future. 

We at Entrix optimize the value of your energy assets in real-time. Based on predictions of the energy system and energy markets, our solution trades your assets’ capacity into the right markets at best possible prices – tailored to the changing circumstances of every single day.

In everything we do, we take a full asset lifecycle perspective. Our AI-based algorithms are trained in a way that they maximize the assets’ life-time returns, taking into consideration the particularities of your hardware. We are building our expertise by collaborating with the best project developers, investors, and technology providers.

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Our Solution

Trading your assets’ capacity into the right markets at the best possible prices

Most of our customers are project developers and investors. Our solution trades the capacity of their energy assets across all relevant markets at the right time. Through this, we unlock the full potential of these assets for their owners and the energy system as a whole. Our first optimized assets are grid-scale battery storage systems.

Value maximization

We market your asset’s capacity across all relevant revenue streams such as frequency response or wholesale markets – always balancing those returns with the wear and degradation of the asset. This ensures optimal returns over its lifetime.

Tailored optimization strategies

What Our Partners
Say About Us

“We partnered with Entrix on our very first battery storage project. The Entrix team supported us along the entire development process from the design and due diligence phase during our acquisition up until the successful sale to its today’s owners. Their deep battery and energy markets expertise for example helped us to define the battery configuration and warranty parameters with the hardware manufacturer.”

Mark Hogan,
Boom Power (Project Developer, UK)

“Entrix is our partner for the optimization of our battery storage portfolio. We are impressed by their innovative technological solution and believe that they are positioned to become a category-defining market leader in capturing the full value from flexible energy assets.”

Jan Krüger,
Pelion Green Future (Clean Tech Investor, Germany)